Special Conference Cost: $300/person
(Regular Cost: $350/person)

(There are limited motor coaches provided by Skaggs RV, if you do not own an RV.)


All participants must attend and complete the classroom driving session/demonstration to receive certificate for class completion of Hands on Driving course. This class consists of an overview of road signs, speed limits, mirror adjustments and other safety issues. Should you be driving an airbrake equipped coach the Understanding and testing airbrakes class is suggested as well.

Behind The Wheel (BTW) Course

Each participant will be assigned a specific instructor and a specific start time for the actual driving program. The course will include:

1½-hours of Parking Lot Maneuvers, each driver to perform...

  • Exterior inspection of the RV for travel readiness
  • Proper adjustments of all mirrors
  • Air brake tests (diesel coaches)
  • Backing maneuvers
  • Depth perception and stopping
  • Maneuvering into a campsite (forward and backing)
  • Learning the “hip” or pivot point for turning purposes
  • Parallel parking (time permitting)

1½-hours of Behind the Wheel Driving

  • Driving in city, on interstate and through residential areas
  • Correct acceleration and deceleration lane use
  • Driving in construction zones (if available)
  • Proper lane changes and lane management

To avoid distractions during the BTW road course, only the driver and instructional staff will be onboard; partners and spouses are not permitted to ride along.